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Religious Student Organizations

Northwestern University's religious diversity is reflected in its rich offering of student-led religious and spiritual groups. But if you don't see a group that's a good fit for you, contact an Chaplain Glass Perez to find out how to start one.

From the university's policy on Religious & Spiritual Life affiliated Recognized Student Organizations:

  1. Proposals for religious & spiritual organizations enter through the same process as other organizations through the ASG committee review and recommendation process.
  2. Recommendations for approval are forwarded to the office of Religious & Spiritual Life for official and final approval.
  3. For any questions about existing groups on campus, anyone considering starting a religious or spiritual group, or anyone seeking to learn more about the committee's decision communication, please contact Chaplain Kristen Glass Perez to set up a time to discuss the topic further.

    For more information please visit: WildCat Connection.

Baha'i Club The purpose of the Baha'i Club is to bring Northwestern students of all different backgrounds together to discuss some of life’s deeper questions and work together to actively serve our community, all in a spirit of collaboration and unity.

Asian American Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is a group of students on campus who grow together to love God, His Word, His people, and His purpose in the world.

Athletes in Action Athletes in Action is an interdenominational Christian ministry. We desire to provide every athlete at Northwestern an opportunity to hear how they can know God through Jesus Christ.

Canterbury House Northwestern is a community of Northwestern students that strives to follow Jesus in prayer and worship, by sharing meals, by studying the Scriptures and critically examining our faith, striving for justice and mercy in the community and society in which we live, and connecting to those whose faith is shaped by other traditions. Canterbury is an affirming space that welcomes and celebrates people of all races, nations of origin, religions, ages, sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, citizenships, and abilities.

Catholic Student Association at Northwestern (Sheil Catholic Center) The Catholic Student Association is the student group representing Catholic students and their friends at Northwestern University.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries Chi Alpha is a Pentecostal campus outreach geared toward ministering to the unique social and spiritual needs of both International and American students at Northwestern University.

Christian Science Organization NU Christian Science is a protestant denomination founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879.

Christians on Campus is a campus group comprising believers in Christ from various backgrounds. We warmly welcome all Christians in Christ and reach out to the greater Northwestern community.

Cornerstone Anglican Church at Northwestern is a beloved community transformed by Christ, commissioning global disciples, and pursuing the revival of the North Shore.

Cru Northwestern Cru is a community where the gospel captures hearts, transforms lives, impacts the world, and launches men and women into a lifelong adventure with Jesus Christ.

Destino is an ethnic ministry subgroup of Cru at Northwestern designed to be a safe space for Latinx students to continue or initiate a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Global Medical Missions Alliance We are a community of students and healthcare professionals who seek to build one another up in Christ and become better equipped for missions both in our local context and globally.

Graduate Christian Fellowship We are a community of graduate students encouraging faith-work integration; and spiritual exploration, dialogue, and development by engaging our campus and city.

Harmony in Spirit (HiS) is a mixed collegiate Christian a cappella group at Northwestern University.

House on the Rock Christian Fellowship House on the Rock (HotR) is a chapter of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and has been serving Northwestern’s Black community for over 25 years.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship A biblically-based organization hoping to present the message of Christ to the campus and world, is open to all students. 

Lutheran Campus Ministry LCMNU is a welcoming community experiencing, living, and sharing the love of God through scholarship, service, and faith.

[make]new [make]new is a Christian fellowship where students of all backgrounds can experience close community and learn more about the Christian faith.

Northwestern Chinese Christian Fellowship We are a group of Chinese students, scholars, and local families united by the Christian faith.

Reformed University Fellowship Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a Christian community at Northwestern seeking to reach out to people from diverse backgrounds with the message of the gospel and to help one another live our lives in response to who Jesus is and what he has done for us.

The Renewal Fellowship We are a faith-based community serving Chinese-speaking students on campus.

University Bible Fellowship An interdenominational, evangelical fellowship dedicated to world campus evangelization.

University Christian Ministry UCM is an ecumenical campus ministry at Northwestern University.

Young Life is a non-denominational Christian outreach to high school and middle school students.

Hindu Yuva The mission and purpose of The Hindu YUVA at Northwestern organization is to bring the Hindu and non-Hindu students together and spread the message of oneness and explain the importance of the Hindu ideal Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the world is one family). We believe that this can be achieved by creating a young generation that is strong and united. YUVA in our name stands for Youth for Unity, Virtues, and Actions. 

OM at Northwestern is a spiritual student group on campus whose mission is to share and cultivate an awareness of Hinduism with the Northwestern community through social events, educational discussions, and dialogue. Our vision is to have safe spaces for students to explore their curiosities in Hindu culture and traditions, while also being able to pray in comfort. All undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate in OM's activities. Members of OM do not have to be Hindu or have a background in Hinduism.

Interfaith Initiative The Interfaith Initiative at Northwestern University (NUii) exists because all faiths offer valuable insight and deserve mutual respect. NUii's chief objective is to promote and spread awareness of religious pluralism by increasing constructive communication between religiously diverse peers within the Northwestern community. 

Challah for Hunger (CfH) raises awareness of and money for hunger and disaster relief through the production and sale of challah bread.

Fiedler Hillel Northwestern Hillel is the foundation for Jewish life on campus, where Jewish life on campus is vibrant, engaging, and exciting. Hillel encompasses a vast number of student groups and initiatives, including the social justice group Zooz, Wildcats for Israel, First Year Student at Hillel (FYSH), and the Mega Shabbat Committee.

MEOR Meor Northwestern is a campus-based organization dedicated to extending Jewish learning opportunities to the broadest spectrum of Jewish students at Northwestern University.

Shabbat with 10 Strangers is your opportunity to enjoy a free, delicious Shabbat meal while socializing and connecting with fellow Northwestern students, alumni, staff, and faculty! 

ZOOZ We are Northwestern’s Jewish social action organization. We are a group of Jewish students dedicated to social justice advocacy and community service.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association The LDS Student Association (LDSSA) is a student organization that sponsors social, religious, and recreational activities for LDS college students and their friends at Northwestern University. 

Muslim-cultural Students Association The Muslim-cultural Students Association (McSA) is a community-oriented organization that caters to the many different needs of Northwestern students. Our members are Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Even with such a diverse membership, our fundamental goals remain the same.

Shia Muslim Association SMA aims to educate our Shia Muslim members and the broader Northwestern community by upholding and promoting the teachings of the Sublime Quran, Prophet Muhammad, and the Twelve Imams from his Household. SMA actively engages in promoting dialogue with, creating cooperation with, and fostering participation in the broader Muslim and non-Muslim community at Northwestern University. MSA aims to contribute to religious and spiritual life on campus by shaping a forum for a comparative understanding of Shia Islam, other Islamic denominations, and other religions through holding lectures, workshops, and symposia.

Seva The Sikh Student Association (SSA) works to create a community amongst Sikh students on campus, to educate both Sikhs and non-Sikhs about the Sikh religion, and to promote dialogue about relevant topics to the Sikh faith and identity. The SSA intends to host community service events to represent Sikhism's dedication to seva (service). Members of SSA do not need to be of the Sikh faith or have any previous background in Sikhism.