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Mission & Learning Outcomes

Our Mission

The mission of the Off-Campus Life office is to serve as the first point of contact for students moving and living off-campus. Our office has one constituency group - Northwestern students. We have multiple stakeholders with whom we communicate, coordinate, and refer around issues regarding students' rights, responsibilities, and resources. 

Stakeholders include:

  • Northwestern Departments and Offices
  • NUPD/CPD/EPD (Northwestern, Chicago and Evanston Police Departments)
  • Property Owners/Landlords
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Non-Student Neighbors
  • Area Businesses & Outside Vendors
  • City Officials, Staff & Services
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Learning Outcomes

Students who engage in Off-Campus Life programs, activities, & services will [or will be able to]:

  • Manage their own affairs off campus, making use of appropriate Northwestern and Evanston/Chicago resources/services. (Cognitive and Practical Skills)
  • Articulate their rights and responsibilities of being a member of both the Northwestern and Evanston/Chicago communities. (Social Responsibility)