Connect with Community Partners

students in the Evanston community

Northwestern is located in a city and region that are incredibly rich in culture, history, and in organizations that work to make Evanston and Chicago just and equitable for all who live here. We value the work of our non-profit community partners and encourage you to connect with them.

Many of our partners offer short-term or one-time opportunities for involvement, which is a great way to find an organization you love. After you make a connection, we encourage you to make a sustained commitment of two or more quarters. We believe that relationships take time to build and social change requires listening, learning, and deep partnership. These sustained partnerships benefit both you and our community through growth and change over time.

Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

We are proud to partner with community agencies who offer service opportunities in a wide range of issue areas. Click here to find out more about weekly opportunities.

One Time Service Opportunities

Want to volunteer but aren’t looking for a regular commitment? Try attending one of these service events.

Internships, Service Trips, and Service Positions

If you’re looking to travel or find an internship in community service, consider some of these service commitments. 

Find your own Organizations

Search these databases for community service organizations in Evanston and Chicago.

Have a Volunteer Opportunity you would like us to post? Click here!