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Billing and Payment

Your student account on CAESAR is the central location for all your Northwestern bills. It's where you and your authorized guests can access your account, make payments, track financial aid awards, and manage other money matters. Start with the overview of student account how-to’s here and visit the Student Finance website for more information.

CAESAR Quick Tour

Familiarize yourself with CAESAR, Northwestern's online system for student accounts, records, registration, and financial aid.


Account guest access

Federal law prohibits Northwestern from sharing a student’s account information without the student’s permission. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you give one or both parents or guardians guest access to your account. Guest access allows authorized users to view bills and pay tuition and fees on your behalf.

To get step-by-step instructions for setting up guest access, log into CAESAR and select the Profile tile. We advise doing this by August 8. Find more information on Guest Access. 

Bills and payments

The first bill for fall will be available on August 10 for new undergraduate students, and the due date will be September 1. To ensure smooth billing and payment, please go to the Profile tile on CAESAR to verify your permanent address and bill-delivery preferences by August 8.

Bills are presented and paid securely through the QuikPAY portal, accessed via the Accounts and Payments tile in CAESAR. QuikPAY option allows for convenient and secure online viewing, printing, and paying of tuition bills. Always allow two business days for electronic payments via CAESAR or five business days for payments by mail.

Although tuition is billed quarterly, other charges, such as library fines, may be billed to your account at any time. An invoice will be generated during any month in which there is a balance or any new account activity.

Please refer to the Financial Regulations handbook, viewable on the Student Finance website, for detailed information and guidelines. Find more information about billing and payment

Prepayment option 

Northwestern offers a prepayment plan through the QuickPay platform that allows payments to be made in multiple monthly installments leading up to the due date for the academic term's charges. Find more information about enrolling in the optional prepayment plan.