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Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications

Welcome to Medill! While Purple Prep includes all of the information you need to know over the summer, on June 1 you will gain access to the BSJ 25 Canvas site and be able to explore the Medill curriculum and community in depth. You'll receive an email when access is granted. Below is an overview of how your Medill experience will get under way this summer.

Medill Academic Interest and Career Development Form

The Academic Interest and Career Development Form, accessible on your Purple Prep checklist, is due August 20. Please wait to complete the form until you know your AP/IB exam scores. 


Medill Student Affairs staff members Daniel MacKenzie, Jessica Scott, and Joy Fernandez serve as academic advisers for all new Medill students. They are a dependable source of information and guidance as you navigate new experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

In addition, first-year students are introduced to Medill career development advisers who are available to discuss academic and professional goals.

Your Medill advising team will offer group advising sessions in July and early August that will cover the Medill curriculum and career exploration. In late August, advisers will have academic planning meetings with each student individually. 

Fall Quarter Course Registration

Academic advising and fall quarter registration occur within the Purple Prep period, prior to students arriving to campus. The advising opportunities mentioned above will fully prepare you for fall quarter course registration on September 9 or 10. You will also participate in a virtual peer adviser group meeting in early September for additional support. Learn what a peer adviser is and when you’ll hear from them.

Your registration appointment day and time will be announced in late July. You share an appointment time with your peer adviser group, allowing your PA and a school staff member to virtually support your group during your registration block. More information regarding advising and registration, along with when you can begin looking at available courses, will be released in August’s Purple Prep email. Students do not need to make class selections or prepare a course schedule prior to meeting with their academic adviser.

Placement Exams and Assessments

Requirements for the bachelor’s degree in journalism include either three units of foreign-language coursework, credit in a foreign language through AP/IB exam, or proficiency in a foreign language as demonstrated on an AP/IB exam or a placement exam. Please refer to the BSJ 25 Canvas site to find out more about this requirement. For exam information and instructions, see the placement exams webpage. Online exams have mid-June completion deadlines.

Equipment Purchases

Go to the Medill Digital Depot at for tips and recommendations for purchasing computer hardware and software, video/audio kits, external hard drives, and other technical gear this summer. The Digital Depot also offers information about options for renting equipment.