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True Northwestern Dialogues

The True Northwestern Dialogues (TND) series launches a serious exploration of the mindset and skills you need to thrive as a member of the Northwestern community and successfully navigate your first year and beyond. The TND series includes four pre-TND requirements during the summer and three programs during Wildcat Welcome.

Pre-TND Requirements

There are four required pre-TNDs included in your Purple Prep checklist. Instructions for these pre-TNDs are shown below.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates

This pre-TND’s objective is twofold: to initiate a conversation and to show what it takes to create a community where healthy sexuality is supported and sexual violence is rejected. The program offers practical how-to’s: how to identify sexual violence, how to define and uphold consent, and how to find on-campus and other nearby resources related to support and reporting. Every member of the Northwestern community can help build a culture of zero tolerance for violence; taking guidance from this pre-TND is a good way to start.

This pre-TND will become available in August and must be completed before Wildcat Welcome; instructions will be included in August’s Purple Prep email. The subject matter may be emotionally challenging for some students. If this is true for you, you may share your concerns with a confidential counselor based at CARE, the Center for Awareness, Response, and Education at Northwestern:

AlcoholEdu for College

The AlcoholEdu for College pre-TND is designed to help you consider and make informed decisions about the role of alcohol in your college experience. By providing personalized feedback and strategies for dealing with the drinking behaviors of peers, the program aims to challenge your assumptions about alcohol’s effects, encourage reflection on how choices related to alcohol can affect academic and social success, and emphasize your role in creating a healthy campus community. It includes an overview of Northwestern’s alcohol and drug policies.

This pre-TND will become available in August and must be completed before Wildcat Welcome; instructions will be included in August’s Purple Prep email. All new students, regardless of their age or the nature of any past or present alcohol use, are expected to complete this pre-TND.

Campus Safety at Northwestern

The Campus Safety at Northwestern pre-TND is a training module for active violence prevention, preparation, and response. Students will learn proactive approaches to preventing violence, preparing for emergencies, and responding to an emergency if one occurs.

This pre-TND opens on May 5 and must be completed by August 31 at 11:59 p.m. CDT; once completed, it is automatically checked off on your Purple Prep checklist. The subject matter may be emotionally challenging for some students; if this is true for you, please email New Student Experience at for information on completing the requirement via alternate means.  

Hazing Prevention 101

Hazing Prevention 101 is an online learning module that teaches you how to recognize, prevent, and report hazing at Northwestern. The module opens on May 5 and must be completed by October 26. To get started, go to and click on the register button. If you have questions about this requirement, please email the dean of students at, noting "Hazing Prevention 101" in the subject line.

Wildcat Welcome TND sessions

Students will participate in several True Northwestern Dialogues throughout Wildcat Welcome to help them prepare for their tenure at Northwestern. Students will attend each TND with their peer adviser group.  The TNDs will cover various topics important to our Northwestern community, including diversity and inclusion, mental health and wellness, and sexual assault prevention and healthy relationships.


*Please note: Failure to complete online TNDs and the TNDs scheduled during Wildcat Welcome will jeopardize your winter-quarter course registration.