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Technology Use

Virus Protection

Before you come to campus, make sure your computer is free of viruses and has current operating system updates and the latest antivirus and anti-malware definitions. Many antivirus apps are available through app stores on tablets and smartphones. Antivirus options include Microsoft Defender for Windows and Sophos or Avast for macOS. Learn more about information security at Northwestern.

Accessing the Internet

All student residences offer wireless internet accessWhen you arrive on campus, choose eduroam” in the list of available networks. The Northwestern Knowledge Base offers instructions for setting up Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices—as well as game systems, printers, and streaming-media devices—to use on the internet. Visit the Northwestern Knowledge Base and search for “eduroam.”

Responsible Network Use

It is every Northwestern student’s responsibility to use the University’s resources in a safe, secure, and legal way. Please review and abide by the University’s responsible use policies and guidelines. Be aware that setting up personal wireless networks, routers, and network extenders is prohibited. Cellular coverage is widely available on campus, and student residences are specially equipped to enhance the signals from cellular service providers.

IT Support Options