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Assessing Global Readiness

This latest offering builds on our "Navigating Cultures in the Global Workplace" workshop series. Staff members who have participated in the workshop series, now have the option to continue their intercultural learning and participate in a 60-min "Global Readiness Assessment" session, debriefing results of the Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)®, a tool that assesses a person's readiness to work in a global environment.

About the GCAA®

GCAA ModelThe GCAA® objectively measures the cultural knowledge, interpersonal skills, attitudes, and self-awareness that are critical for global readiness. It evaluates individuals who work with international constituents and who interact with diverse populations and is used for personal development purposes relating to global workforce demand and global citizenship. GCAA® assesses both Internal Readiness (self-awareness and attitudes) and External Readiness (cultural knowledge and interpersonal skills).

What to Expect

  1. You will take the assessment at your own leisure and pace.
  2. You will then meet for a 60-minute one-on-one or small group debrief session with one of our certified facilitators, Jennifer Gerrard and Janka Pieper, to discuss your results and jointly explore ways to improve your readiness as needed and continue your intercultural learning journey.

How to Participate

Please fill out the form to sign up. We will then contact you and schedule a time that works for you and the facilitator(s). The 1-hr session can be conducted virtually or in person.

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