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Trilateral Staff Development and Mobility Program

The Trilateral Staff Development and Mobility Program organized by Northwestern University, Stellenbosch University (South Africa), and Universität Hamburg (Germany) focuses on the professional development and continuing education of administrative staff, the learning of new skills, and the gathering of international experience.

The three institutions host various themes on rotational basis:

  • Universität Hamburg - 2024
  • Stellenbosch University - 2025
  • Northwestern University - 2026
University Trilateral Program Contacts: 
Northwestern University:
Kim Rapp
Stellenbosch University:
Lidia du Plessis
Universität Hamburg:
Eva Leptien

Universität Hamburg: Sept. 2024

Integrating Sustainability Across Higher Education Institutions

In September 2024, Universität Hamburg is set to host participants from the trilateral program, focusing on sustainability across various dimensions of the university. This holistic approach includes teaching and curriculum development, research, internationalization, campus life, infrastructure and facilities, and policies while considering environmental, economic, and social implications.

Northwestern University: Sept. 5-8, 2023 

Alumni Relations and Development

In September 2023, Northwestern University hosted colleagues from Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and the University of Hamburg (Germany) for the Trilateral Staff Development and Mobility Program focused on Alumni Relations and Development.

The program addressed:

  • how alumni relations and development are differentiated and how they intersect,
  • different types of giving, such as annual or campaign, and how these relate to other types of philanthropy,
  • the continuum of engagement, specifically how we move alumni and friends from early stages of engagement to committed major gifts,
  • alumni associations and working with volunteers, and
  • tools used for prospect research and overall alumni management.

Stellenbosch University: October 4-7, 2022

Inclusive International Competencies

In October 2022, Stellenbosch University provided a four-day program on the topic of Inclusive International Competencies. The curriculum addressed the topics of intercultural skills and inclusion in detail and aimed to provoke a joint discussion on internationalization within diverse university fields.

The topics were introduced alongside best-practice examples from Stellenbosch University, which were explored in joint discussions. The thematic workshop continued through joint virtual meetings to encourage and include broader participation by the individual participating institutions.

Participants were made up of equal numbers of members from Northwestern University, Stellenbosch University, and Universität Hamburg.

The program was directed at staff members within the schools and central administration whose daily work involves intercultural skills and inclusion and who were looking to enhance their field of activity by building an international network.


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