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Immunization Requirements

FULL-TIME (3 or more classes) and HALF-TIME (2 classes) students at Northwestern are required to meet immunization requirements. PART-TIME (1 class) students are not required to fulfill these requirements. This includes submitting the Admission Health Record and proof of immunizations as required by the State of Illinois. Distance learners that will never attend on-campus classes in Evanston or Chicago are not required to submit immunization records. To ensure that you complete the appropriate form and supply the correct immunizations, select the category below that best describes your program:

NOTE: Penalties for not fulfilling the immunization requirements include a hold on subsequent registration and a non-refundable $100 late fee. PENALTIES ARE NEVER ASSESSED PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASSES. See the Requirement Deadlines page for more information.

If you have questions concerning the Admission Health Record form, immunization requirements, immunizations, or related issues, please review the Immunization Requirements Frequently Asked Questions, or call Health Information Management Services of the Evanston Campus Health Service at 847.491.2203, or send an email message to

For questions concerning the student health insurance coverage selection process, insurance requirements, insurance plan benefits, dependant coverage or related issues, please visit the Student Health Insurance Office web page (phone: 847.491.3621 or email: