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Allergy Shots

Health Service, 633 Emerson Street
Hours: by appointment, Monday through Friday
Closed for University holidays
Questions? Call 847.491.2204

Due to COVID, new allergy patients will be deferred to the Spring 2021 quarter.

Patients may schedule appointments for allergy shots only after all forms have been completed and received at NUHS

All forms (referring allergist agreement, student agreement, and administration of allergy immunotherapy instructions) must be updated every academic year beginning September 1. There is no charge to students for administration of allergy shots or storage of allergy extract vials.

Instructions for Patient Shipping Allergy Extract to NUHS

Instructions for Allergy Immunotherapy Patients

Northwestern University Health Service Allergy Clinic policies and procedures have been revised to be consistent with current American Association of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) recommendations and guidelines for Allergy Immunotherapy.

NU Health Service does not sign forms from other allergy offices. The guidelines followed at NU Health Service are listed in the Referring Allergist Agreement (PDF).

We require three forms:
  1. A “Student Agreement for Allergy Immunotherapy Administration” (PDF) form completed by all new and returning allergy and immunotherapy patients prior to receiving allergy shots at the Health Service (updated agreement required annually on September 1).
  2. A “Referring Allergist Agreement” (PDF) form signed by your referring allergist. Your allergist will need to review both our Allergy Clinic Policy and Procedures and our protocol for “Physician Management of Anaphylaxis and Systemic Reactions” before signing the agreement (updated agreement required annually on September 1).
  3. Administration of Allergy Immunotherapy Instructions (PDF)

You should print these documents out and provide them to your allergist for review and signature. We will not be able to administer your allergy shots until both signed forms are received.

Signed forms should be sent or faxed to:

Northwestern University Health Service
Allergy Nurse
633 Emerson Street
Evanston IL 60208-4000

Fax: 847.467.5552
Attention: Allergy Nurse