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COVID-19 Care

As we welcome students back toNorthwestern University Student Health Service Chicago, we understand you may feel concerned about being exposed to COVID-19. We are dedicated to protecting your health and safety and we have extensive measures in place at our facilities to avoid the spread of infection.

Screening for Illness

Everyone entering Northwestern University Student Health Service Chicago at Northwestern Medicine will be screened for fever and asked about COVID-19 symptoms. Some patients who are having surgeries or procedures will also undergo more thorough testing prior to their arrival. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be triaged for care.

Physical Distancing

Everyone must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other unless they are giving or receiving direct patient care. This policy is supported with:

Universal Masking

In order to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and maintain a safe environment, Northwestern Medicine has implemented universal masking for all employees, physicians, and patients (with the exception of inpatients who are in hospital rooms). All patients and staff members will be provided masks upon entering our clinical facilities and are required to wear a mask for the duration of their time on our medical campus.   

Cleaning our Facilities

Our Environmental Services teams performs rigorous cleaning of our hospital facilities and physician offices. Patient rooms are cleaned between patients and we and have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

Hand Sanitizer

The CDC recommends frequent handwashing or sanitizing, especially after you have been in a public place. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout our Northwestern Medicine facilities. To sanitize, cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Flu-like Symptoms and Respiratory Symptoms

Patients with flu-like or other respiratory symptoms including fever, cough, and sore throat will be assessed either via telemedicine or at specific Northwestern Medicine sites. Please call Northwestern University Student Health Service-Chicago/General Internal Medicine at (312.695.8134) to be triaged for appropriate care. Symptoms warranting Emergency Department evaluation include: high fevers, severe cough, lethargy, shortness of breath, chest pain, blue lips.  

Testing for COVID-19 

If you are a student who is not working in a clinical healthcare setting and you are experiencing symptoms or suspect you may have COVID-19, please contact Northwestern University Student Health Service-Chicago/General Internal Medicine (312.695.8134) to be triaged for testing and appropriate care.

Students who are participating in clinical activities (including clinical PT/OT, PA, Genetics, Psychology students and all FSM students), please contact the COVID-19 hotline for testing 312.47.COVID (312.472.6843) and please contact Northwestern University Student Health Service-Chicago/General Internal Medicine for symptoms management.

Learn more about COVID-19 testing for Northwestern students. 

Report External COVID-19 Test Results

To submit COVID test results or other lab tests that were performed external to Northwestern, go to the Risk Management web site and select the appropriate link to report results. This contributes to your compliance with the University-wide COVID testing program.

Please note in the event of a positive COVID-19 test result FSM students are also required to notify their Deans’ office and contact the COVID-19 hotline 312.47.COVID.

Procedures for Positive Cases of COVID-19*

To support Northwestern community members that test positive for COVID-19 or those that may have been exposed to someone that has, the University has established a Covid Response Team (CRT), which is comprised of registered nurses that serve as case managers alongside a group of trained contract tracers. This team will work with all members of the NU community and will reach out to affected individuals on a proactive basis, but can also be reached directly by calling 847.491.8422 or emailing

The COVID Response Team will become aware of a community member that is COVID-19 positive in two primary ways:

A central aspect of the University’s COVID Response Team’s work is to coordinate contact tracing protocols with anyone in the NU community who tests positive for COVID-19. This work will be done in close collaboration with local public health officials. Based on these protocols, confirmed close contacts of individuals that are COVID-19 positive will be included in the University’s COVID Response Team case management process. 

All individuals who test positive, as well as confirmed close contacts, will be followed by the COVID Response Team through the duration of their isolation or quarantine. On a daily basis, students will be sent a short, mandatory survey through the Service Now application. This survey will serve as our primary mechanism to triage any further needs or services the University can provide for the health and welfare of the affected individual.

*Protocols will differ for clinical students who will receive instruction for testing, quarantine, isolation, and return to work from Corporate Health and additional contact tracing through Northwestern Medicine.

COVID Vaccine Information

In response to inquiries concerning COVID vaccine availability and scheduling,  Northwestern Medicine is collaborating with public health agencies.  At present, the Northwestern University Student Health Service does not have access to COVID vaccine for students. The Health Service is actively monitoring the availability of vaccine, please follow the current vaccine related updates on Northwestern's COVID-19 Vaccine Updates page.

Visitor Policy Updates

For the continued safety of patients, physicians, staff, and the community, Northwestern Medicine has implemented visitor restrictions in all of our inpatient and outpatient care sites.

Please refer to this website for visitation policies for Northwestern Medicine hospitals and other sites.

Visitor Screening

All patients and visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 or flu, including a temperature check. Visitors indicating or showing signs of illness during this screening process will not be allowed to visit or accompany the patient. Patients and visitors who complete the screening will be given a badge to proceed. Patients and visitors without a badge will be asked to return to the screening location to complete their screening.

COVID-19 Email Resources

COVID Testing and COVID Response Team Inquiries 

Types of Inquiries and Resources Web Resources


general inquiries about COVID

COVID-19 and Campus Updates

for questions about unique testing needs or other testing questions

COVID General Testing Information

if you haven't received the email from Tempus prompting you to download the Tempus app or are experiencing technical difficulty with the app

if you are experiencing technical problems with the MyNM App

general inquiries from the Northwestern community about the processes and policies to follow in returning to campus.

Phased Return to Campus


  • for resolution of issues using the Symptom Tracker app
  • any other questions related to contact tracing or related issues that need case management follow-up.

FAQ for Symptom Tracker App