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Spring Term Testing

An important part of returning to campus for the Spring Term is compliance with Northwestern’s testing protocols. Please remembers that testing is just one component that helps create a healthy campus environment – alongside proactive measures like wearing a mask, social distancing and good hygiene.

Northwestern is implementing COVID testing in partnership with Northwestern Medicine. See general information about testing for more details.

Your Testing Protocols

Find all the information you need about your specific testing protocols and processes:


Please note that evening/weekend and out-of-state students who are unable to complete testing onsite during the day Monday - Friday will receive alternative options from their program staff within the next month.

Testing Goals

Northwestern’s testing protocols for the Spring are designed for those students, faculty, and staff who are approved to be on-campus. The goal of the testing program is to:

  • Immediately identify and test anyone who is symptomatic or identified through contact tracing efforts; and
  • Surveil the on-campus population through structured recurring testing in order to identify trends in COVID-19 prevalence and transmission, and identify asymptomatic cases early to in order to isolate and quarantine.

Student Testing Compliance

All local undergraduate students (on- or off- campus) must comply with their specific assigned testing protocols.  Students that miss a test within their testing protocol will have repeated reminders and opportunities to begin complying.  Any student that misses two consecutive tests will be referred to the Office of Community Standards for disciplinary action. 

Additional Resources

Find instructions and guidance related to testing procedures:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers to general questions and those specific to the testing with Color Genomics.
  • If You Test Positive
    If your test results come back positive, Northwestern’s COVID Response Team walk you through next steps, including self-isolation and contact tracing.
  • General Testing Information
    Find additional context on Northwestern’s testing protocols and requirements.