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Delete an Asset

Similar to moving or renaming items, you may delete any assets within Cascade. When you delete an asset, this means that other sites’ links will break. Additionally, if any visitors have bookmarked a particular page, their bookmarks will no longer work. In that case, you might consider creating a redirect. We recommend contacting the web team prior to deleting any index pages to ensure there are no dependent elements that are built into your template. We’ll also help you with the redirects in case you need it.

  1. To delete an asset ( a page, folder, or file), locate and click on it ( if you are deleting a folder, click on the folder name. You should see folder contents in the main window). Then, locate and click the More option. This will reveal a dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can right click on the asset name and you will see the same options. 

  2. Click the Delete option. This opens another screen where you need to make sure that:
    1. The Un-publish Content box is checked (it is now checked by default). This ensures that you don’t have an orphaned page on the live server.
    2. You don’t see a “Relationships” section on the delete screen. This appears when other assets are linking to this item. You also get a warning message appears at the top. This shows you a list of assets that this asset links to. Before you proceed with deleting an asset, make sure you unlink this asset from all other assets.

  3. Once you have unlinked all the assets, locate and click the Delete button. Once you click Submit, you are taken to the base folder’s view screen. A green “Delete Successful” message will appear at the top of the screen. This confirms that the item was removed from both Cascade and your live website.
  4. Next, publish the parent folder of the asset to update navigation. Publish the whole site if the changes affect any of the global areas of your site that includes global header, top navigation and footer.

To unlink the asset from other assets, do the following:

  1. From delete screen, expand Relationships to see a list of all the other assets that are linking to the asset you want to delete.  
  2. Select and click on the asset name. This takes you the asset you want to edit.
  3. Find the link to the asset you want to delete and unlink it.
  4. Submit to save your changes to Cascade and Publish the asset.
  5. Come back to the asset that you wanted to delete and repeat steps 1-4  for each asset that shows up in Relationships section of the delete screen.

Note: After you delete, the asset will go in the Trash that has been moved right at the top of the navigation panel. You should be able to recover anything that’s deleted within 15 days.