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Vending Services


If you lose money in a University vending machine, you can receive reimbursement from a refund bank location.

Problems with a broken machine or inventory supply?
Please call the phone number on the vending machine and provide the machine number:

  • Canteen (snacks): 800-676-6652
  • Coca-Cola: 800-676-6652

You may also fill out the comment cards attached to the machine. For other vending questions, visit our Contact page.

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News & Featured Products
Find out about the latest vending promotions, and learn more about healthy snacks available in Northwestern's vending machines. Canteen offers a broad range of snack and fresh food choices, including more healthy alternatives.

Credit/Debit Card Charges

Many of our vending machines allow for purchases with a credit or debit card. You pay the same price whether you use cash, credit card or debit card. You can also make multiple purchases with one swipe (or "contactless" reading) of your card. In order to allow this capability, the vending system will temporarily place a "hold" on your credit/debit account for approximately 24-72 hours. The "hold" amount is $1.25 for food machines and $2.00 for beverage machines. Once your card-issuing bank settles the transaction, your charge will change to reflect the original purchase price.