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Special Types of Campus Mail

Certain types of campus mail require special handling:

Confidential Correspondence

Insert confidential correspondence into a plain envelope (free of any previous markings) and seal. Mark the envelope "Personal and Confidential" or "To be Opened by Addressee Only." Insert this envelope into an interdepartmental envelope with the proper address information. This ensures against misdirection or lack of proper security.

Mass Campus Mailings

Mass campus mailings may be sent without envelopes by putting the delivery address directly on the letter or flyer. When ordering labels for mass campus mailings, request that they be printed in address order, and keep them in order when labeling and sending your mailing.

Mail Services can pick up the mass mailing in portions, as it is completed. If a department prefers that the entire mailing is distributed on the same day, advise Mail Services to hold all portions until the mailing is complete.

Items Requiring Special Packaging

Items such as metal pieces, glass parts, chemicals, etc., cannot be mailed in envelopes. They require special packing before mailing or shipping. Contact Mail Services to determine the most appropriate handling method.