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Applying for Membership

Eligible community members should complete the following steps to apply for membership in the Chicago fitness program. Find out if you are eligible.

Fitness Formula Clubs:

  1. Complete Online Membership Application
  2. Important step for Foreign National Students
  3. Email marriage, civil union or domestic partnership documentation, if applicable
  4. Payment Options
  5. The application is processed

1. Complete Online Membership Application

Complete the Fitness Formula Clubs online membership application.

  • New Member Application 
    • A new member is a person who has never had an active membership with FFC through the Northwestern Chicago Fitness Program or those who have a direct FFC membership and want to transition to the Northwestern FFC Program. 
  • Please note: Spouses/Partners
    • If applying for spousal membership, spouses must complete a separate membership application.

2. Important Step for Foreign National Students

If you are a Foreign National Student, it is a requirement to register with the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) at Northwester’s Human Resources (HR) Payroll department. Please complete and submit the two required forms –  Alien Tax Status Form and W8-BEN Part I    (pdf).

You MUST complete Part B of the Alien Tax status form and submit a copy of your passport, visa, I-94, and immigration document (I-20 for F-1, DS- 2019 for J-1, or I-797 for H-1B) with your fitness club application in order for us to process your membership request. Otherwise, your request will be delayed. If you are not a Foreign National Student, you may skip this step. 

3. Email marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership documentation, if applicable

4. Payment Options

Payment options type:

  • Checking (Electronic payment, EFT or ACH)
  • Saving (Electronic payment, EFT or ACH)
  • Credit Card (All major credit cards including Debt card)

5. The application is processed

FFC and Auxiliary Services must receive your request by the 22nd of the month (or the last business day prior to the 22nd if that day falls on a weekend or holiday) in order to start membership the first of following month. When submitting your application, please allow extra time for approval.

Foreign National Students: Please note that your application will be processed after Payroll verifies your registration in FNIS.