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Intramural Program - Chicago Campus

The Chicago Campus Intramural Program (IM) is designed for students that choose to participate in competitive indoor soccer, basketball or volleyball. Auxiliary Services provides limited administrative and financial support to the program and to the commissioners of those programs to successfully manage their respective league.

Program Seasons

The IM Program is comprised of the fall and winter seasons (fall season starts after Labor Day and ends before Thanksgiving holiday; winter season starts after the New Year and ends before winter final exam or approximately 10 weeks each). Each season requires a separate IM pass in order to participate if you do not possess a membership card to Fitness Formula Clubs through Northwestern's subsidized program.

Commissioner Responsibilities

To maximize time availability and cost efficiency for each program we encourage the commissioners of their respective league to submit all relevant materials and game schedules as soon as possible to Salem Marrougi, the fitness club manager.

Commissioner responsibilities include:

  • Administering their respective leagues
  • Organizing and registering teams
  • Hiring and supervising referees
  • Creating league schedule
  • Requesting playing court time from fitness club manager at approved vendor locations for approval
  • Arranging games based on available and approved court time at approved vendor locations
  • Creating and submitting players list for approval
  • Ensuring all members have valid passes before playing (either an IM card or fitness club membership are required)
  • Collecting and submitting funds from members to support program activities which include court time expenses

How to Participate

To participate in the IM program, contact the league's commissioners. (If you do not know your league commissioner, contact Salem Marrougi for assistance.) Once approved by the commissioner and to participate in the competition, please download the IM application to purchase the access card for a nominal fee if you do not have a membership through Northwestern University's subsidized program.

To purchase the IM card, go to the Wildcard office at Abbott Hall, 710 N. Lake Shore Drive, room 100 with your IM application.

The IM card does not provide full access to the Chicago Park District on a regular basis; the IM card is used for participation in the intramural league upon approval for a specific season only and is not valid beyond the assigned season.