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Other Types of Mailings

Standard Mail A (Non-profit)

This mailing requires special sorting and handling, but it is also the most economical way  to send a bulk mailing. If you have a small (minimum 200) bulk mailing, and you plan to prepare it in your department, contact Mail Services for instruction on sorting and the proper wording for the indicia. Most departments choose to use an outside mailing service for this type of mail because of the sorting requirements. Mail Services can recommend someone if you would like. If you do not use an outside service, you will need to pay up-front for postage. The money is on deposit at the Post Office and we will bill you after the mailing is dropped. We only ask that you contact us to let us know who is doing your mailing and approximately when it will be mailed.

Standard Mail B

Standard Mail B, or Parcel Post, weighs one pound or more and is not mailed (or required to be mailed) as First Class Mail.

There are several sub-categories of Standard Mail B that offer reduced rates for material that meets the necessary qualifications:

Media Mail

Bound Printed Matter

Library Rate

Only the following items may be mailed at the Library Rate when loaned or exchanged between schools, colleges, universities, public libraries, and museums:

Call Evanston Mail Services at 847-491-7227 or Chicago Mail Services at 312-503-8131 if you need more information on these sub-categories.

Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail is a card or envelope that is sent out with mail to solicit a response from the recipient; the department must pay the postage. The service enables senders to receive First Class Mail by paying postage on the mail that is returned. The permit holder guarantees payment of the appropriate First Class Postage, plus a per-piece handling charge. Business Reply Mail cannot be sent to any foreign country.


Printing Format

The Postal Service has strict preparation requirements for Business Reply Mail. Contact Evanston Mail Services at 847-491-7227 or Chicago Mail Services at 312-503-8131 for the proper format before printing (or reprinting) Business Reply envelopes or cards.

Meter Reply Mail

In some instances, Meter Reply Mail is more cost-efficient than Business Reply Mail. If you are expecting a very high return, you may spend less by pre-paying postage on all envelopes, rather than paying postage and a surcharge on the pieces that are returned. For more information, contact Evanston Mail Services at 847-491-7227 or Chicago Mail Services at 312-503-8131.