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Eligibility & Membership Fees


The following Chicago campus-based community members (and their spouses or same-sex partners) are eligible for the Chicago fitness program:

  • Northwestern students
  • McGaw residents
  • Northwestern-paid fellows and post-docs
  • Full- and part-time employees (part-time employees must work at least 18.75 hours per week on a regular basis to qualify)
  • Spouses or same-gender domestic partners of the above community members

The following community members are not eligible for the program:

  • Temporary employees
  • Contributed Services Faculties
  • Students based on the Evanston campus

Changes in Northwestern status:

  • Fitness members are no longer eligible if they disassociate from Northwestern or McGaw due to graduation or termination. They should notify Auxiliary Services so their membership can be canceled.
  • Fitness members who take a leave of absence, change status from a full-time to part-time student, or no longer work or study in Chicago, should notify Auxiliary Services before the 15th of the month.

Membership Fees

The University provides discounted membership for eligible Chicago campus community members and their spouses/same-sex partners.

Annual membership costs:

  • Northwestern Full-time Student
    • $50 enrollment fee (one time, new members only)
    • $28 per month
  • Northwestern Part-time Student, McGaw- Paid Resident, Fellow or Post doc, OLLI Member
    • $50 enrollment fee (one time, new members only)
    • $41 per month
  • Northwestern-paid Employee, Fellow, or Post Doc
    • $50 enrollment fee (one time, new members only)
    • $70 per month
Note: Spouse’s and Same-Gender Partners pay similar enrollment and membership fees as the primary member.

Payment methods:

Member can select to pay for their membership through the following options:

  • Checking (Electronic payment, EFT or ACH)
  • Saving (Electronic payment, EFT or ACH)
  • Credit Card (All major credit cards including Debt card)

Contact Salem Marrougi at 847-467-0662.