Housing & Meal Plans

student enjoying a meal in our Sargent dining hall

Housing Contracts

Please see Residential Services' accommodation request page for details about and procedures pertaining to disability-related housing accommodation requests. Depending on the time of year when a housing-related accommodation is requested, a student may need to be reassigned to an alternate residence hall to appropriately meet the need.

To qualify for special considerations in the housing assignment process, third-party documentation supporting your request is required. The best way to provide this information is for your medical or other provider to complete Residential Services' Housing Accommodation Request Form on your behalf and for you to contact Residential Services to discuss your needs.

Notes on Preferred Housing Placements

The priority of housing accommodations is to ensure that the housing-related needs pertaining to your documented condition are met. Being granted a housing accommodation therefore does not mean that you will necessarily be housed in one of your top-choice residence halls, residential college to which you were accepted, or locations you request.

Contact Information for Housing Accommodation Requests

Please provide the required documentation for housing accommodation requests to Residential Services via the Housing Accommodation Request Form. Documentation can also be emailed, FAXed, or mailed to:

Mark D'Arienzo

Senior Associate Director, Administrative Services

2122 Sheridan Rd, Ste 150

Evanston, IL 60208

Telephone: 847-467-HOME; Fax: 847-491-5423

Meal Plans

To ensure your safety and to discuss how the meal plan can meet your dietary needs, please email dietitian Lisa Carlson or call her at 331-201-8706 at least one month prior to dining at Northwestern. If you have a medical or other condition that you believe may warrant meal plan accommodations, inquiries and documentation (which may be subject to review by a Health Service physician) should be directed to Northwestern's dietitian, Lisa Carlson. Please note that the University meal plan contract does not permit releases based on religious dictates, personal food choice or preferences (e.g., vegetarianism), or other non-medically-based dietary requirements.