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Safe Campus Program


Dear Northwestern Faculty and Staff,

Northwestern is committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment for all members of the University community. Although many safeguards are in place, knowing how to respond in an emergency could make a big difference.

Unfortunately, violent and tragic incidents are becoming far too common in communities — and on college campuses — across the country.

Northwestern faculty and staff will receive information and guidance regarding a new program called “Safe Campus: Active Violence Prevention, Preparation and Response.” This online learning module explores the complex questions and serious decisions we all would face in the event of an active shooter emergency.

Research shows that simulated scenarios, as presented in the Safe Campus course, are effective learning tools.

We urge everyone to take 20 minutes to complete the course, which includes Northwestern’s video on the "Run. Hide. Fight." protocol. The video graphically demonstrates what an active shooter incident might look like on campus, so it may be disturbing for some. Viewer discretion is advised, and alternative content is offered.

An email invitation will be sent via myHR Learn. It is expected that all faculty and staff will participate and complete the course within 30 days.

The safety of the Northwestern community is a shared responsibility, one that we take very seriously. We thank you for your partnership in this important endeavor and hope you find the course helpful.


Bruce Lewis
Chief of Police and Associate Vice President of Safety and Security

Jonathan Holloway
Provost and Professor

Craig Johnson
Senior Vice President for Business and Finance