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Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages

Bomb threat

Immediately call University Police after receiving a bomb threat. In most cases, bomb threats will be received by telephone. University Police will determine if evacuation or other action is necessary.

If you receive a telephoned threat:

Ask the caller:

If you receive a written bomb threat, do not handle it any more than necessary. Place it in an envelope to preserve possible fingerprints.

Suspicious packages

Suspicious packages can come in all shapes and sizes. In general terms, a suspicious package is any bag, box, backpack, package or other item left unattended or that otherwise seems out of place. For example, a package on a mailroom counter is not necessarily suspicious. But place that same unattended package on a train station platform, it becomes suspicious.

Suspicious packages should be immediately reported to University Police. We will determine if evacuation or other action is necessary.

Characteristics of suspicious letters and packages

Signs a package may be suspicious: no return address, package is stained, excessive taping, misspelled words, strange odor

What to do if you receive a suspicious letter or package