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Educational Presentations

We offer educational programs to reduce the likelihood of crime and provide more information about our services. To schedule training, please email us at

Below are just a few examples of the programs available to the Northwestern community. We can work with you to develop other programs to match your needs.

  • Active Violence Prevention: Provides an overview of Northwestern University’s efforts surrounding prevention and response to an active violence situation affecting our community.
  • Bicycle Safety and Security: Designed to teach proper and safe bicycle riding and bicycle security measures. A member of the University Police Bike Patrol conducts the program.
  • New Employee Orientation: Provides an overview of University Police services, programs and crime prevention strategies.
  • New Student Orientation: Introduces University Police services and programs and provides relevant crime prevention and safety information. The program is tailored to issues affecting student safety and security. Attendance is mandatory for all first year students.
  • Office Safety and Security: Officers will provide safety and security tips for your office or personal workspace and, if requested, conduct surveys of department space and recommend security improvements.
  • Personal Safety: University Police personnel will review the various aspects of personal safety and awareness. Participants will be provided with educational materials on personal safety principles.
  • Residence Hall Safety: Safety and security tips for residence hall life. Available to all students living in University housing.
  • Theft Prevention: Provides information on how to reduce risk of theft and protect your personal and University-owned property.