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Northwestern's Behavioral Consultation Team

Are you concerned for your safety because someone threatened you? Have you noticed someone displaying concerning behaviors that have the potential for violence? Northwestern's Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) serves as the central point of contact for receiving community concerns about threatening or concerning behaviors. The BCT conducts threat assessments and provides interventions to mitigate campus violence.

Wildcats Aware

Members of the Northwestern community are expected to report concerning and threatening behavior immediately. Community responsibility and engagement in the reporting process enhances campus safety and the ability to effectively respond to potentially dangerous situations. Northwestern University prohibits filing of knowingly false claims and information.

If you need to report an emergency or are in imminent danger, please contact campus police at (847) 491-3456 or call 911. 

Non-emergency concerns regarding threatening statements or behaviors can be reported by using the Wildcats Aware--Concerning Behavior Reporting Form.  (This form can be submitted anonymously.) 

Behavioral Consultation Team

Reports will be reviewed by Northwestern’s Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT). This resource:

  • Conducts threat assessments
  • Addresses aberrant, dangerous, or threatening behavior that might impact the safety or well-being of the campus community
  • Provides guidance and best practices for preventing violence and providing support services

See the Behavior Consultation Policy for a full explanation of the group's responsibilities and procedures. 

Identifying threatening behavior

The following behaviors may indicate that a person could be distressed, and a concern to the campus community. The behaviors listed below are not an exhaustive list.

  • Exhibiting behavior that can reasonably be interpreted as threatening
  • Explicitly making a threat of violence toward another individual
  • Exhibiting highly disruptive behavior, including hostile, aggressive, bullying, intimidating, and/or violent behaviors
  • Expressing concern for one's own personal safety
  • Being cited, arrested for, or under investigation for a violent or threatening offense
  • Continuing to pursue options that do not reasonably exist after being instructed to cease (e.g., a student continues to pursue a grading complaint after being informed all administrative procedures have been exhausted, or a staff member persists in pursuing a reversal of a sanction after exhausting the established appeal process).

What happens if I file a report?

Reporting parties will not be subjected to any acts of retaliation for reporting concerns in good faith. The University will use available resources such as University Police, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, Human Resources, the Division of Student Affairs/Dean of Students Office, and applicable programs and policies in responding to alleged acts/threats of violence.

Will it be confidential?

Reports of threatening behavior made to the BCT will be handled as discreetly as possible, with facts made available only to those who need to know to investigate and properly intervene in the matter. Please note, however, that disclosure of threatening behavior may be necessary to protect the health and safety of the Northwestern community.