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Staff Directory


Staff Directory of Administrators
Name Position Phone
Bruce A. Lewis Chief of Police and Senior Associate Vice President, Department of Safety & Security 847-491-4933
Eric Chin Deputy Chief of Police 847-467-3064
Kenneth Jones Commander of Police Services--Chicago 312-503-0371
Matt Wietbrock Commander of Evanston Patrol Operations and Accreditation 847-467-7726
Latori Bartelle Interim Commander of Investigative Services 847-467-5420
Jeff Burklin Director of Security Systems & Technical Services 847-467-3205
Jill Johnson Senior Director of Finance & Business Operations 847-467-3413
Merrill Silverman Director of Transportation & Parking Services 847-467-5382
Chris Yohe Director of Environmental Health & Safety 847-467-6342
Dave Young Director of Behavioral Consultation Programs 847-467-2069
Joe Frascati Emergency Preparedness Senior Manager 847-467-3065

Office staff

Directory of Office Staff
Name Position Phone
David Schultz Associate Director of Financial Administration 847-491-3752
Catherine Catellani Executive Assistant 847-491-3256