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The Garage

The Garage is Northwestern’s Student Startup Space. Since 2015, the Garage has been helping students start and grow their own businesses, offering a variety of resources, programs, and guidance along the way. The Garage is located on the north side of campus, on the 2nd floor of SPAC.Being a center for innovation and forward thinking, the Garage has always valued energy conscious solutions, and has - for several years - implemented practices to reduce energy consumption and material waste. This includes putting lights and other equipment on timed schedules to limit overnight power consumption, purchasing consumables and makerspace materials in bulk from sustainable sources, and finding ways to recycle and reuse spent materials, devices, and furniture.To reduce the impact of single use cups and beverages, the Garage introduced a Bevi drink machine, with reusable aluminum cups, for students and guests to make use of. Students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles to the Garage and fill them with our Bevi.The majority of the team here regularly takes public transit to work, and the Garage actively encourages alternative modes of transportation, allowing students to service, maintain, and even build their own electric scooters and bikes using the resources here.The team at The Garage is very proud of their newly awarded Green Office Certification, and will continue to research and implement new strategies to support green initiatives in the future.