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Kellogg MarComm and Corporate Partnerships

kellogg marcom team

The Kellogg MarComm team is made up of 31 employees located within 1007 Church Street in Evanston. The group was motivated to participate in Green Office Certification after a team member learned about certification at a “Lunch and Learn” event. This office is responsible for producing materials and signage for marketing the Kellogg School of Management. Through the Green Office certification process, they recognized that they could be leaders in waste reduction on campus by promoting less printing (more digital), selecting greener printing options, and investing in materials that can be used year after year. Members of the office felt there was an awesome opportunity to make a big impact and they rallied around this goal. 

They also recognized that there were many things that could be done in the office space that would make a difference. In pursuing certification, they addressed water conservation, circulated information about environmentally friendly transportation options, began the process of removing disposable plastic silverware from the kitchen, and became more mindful of how much they printed. 

The Green Office program brought the office together around a cause, and the resources offered by sustainNU provided ideas and tools to get started. In forming their Green Team, the staff members identified people with the passion to lead the department in adopting more sustainable practices. Going forward, Green Team leaders will continue to meet regularly to implement more projects and ideas. Their first goal was to issue a recurring Green Office newsletter that provides tips and keeps the group engaged in efforts to reduce environmental impact.  

The team noted that earning certification took time and effort, but it created excitement and energy as, step by step, they got closer to certification.