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Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service


If you are experiencing a medical emergency, including those due to excessive alcohol consumption, call 911 to summon paramedics or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.
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NU Personal Health Portal (PnC)

Northwestern University has a secure student portal, Point and Click (PnC) where you can submit your immunization records.

NU Personal Health Portal (PnC)
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MyNM Portal

Northwestern Medicine offers MyNM, a secure, confidential way to manage your health care, allowing you to access your medical records, communicate with your care team, schedule an appointment, request prescription refills, pay your bill and more. Open a MyNM account today using these desktop or these mobile instructions.  If you need to download your records from MyNM and upload them to PnC for class registration, please reference these instructions.


MyNM / MyChart

Essential information related to Monkeypox

Learn about how NMSHS can support you or a friend if you have a suspected or confirmed case of Monkeypox.

Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service (NMSHS) remains committed to providing the best possible medical care for Monkeypox education, exposure and treatment. Our building and our staff services can offer efficient, convenient and sustainable care for students in a way that maximizes safety for both patients and staff. If you have been exposed to or believe you may have a suspected case of Monkeypox, please call our office for an appointment at 847.491.8100. NMSHS follows CDC guidance for Monkeypox testing and exposure treatment. PEP and PEP++ may be limited to those meeting established criteria. Please check out all the Monkeypox details and resources below.