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Support Services

Support Services represent the resources available to assist Northwestern students with their health and wellness needs.

  • Patient Support Services assists Northwestern students in navigating their use of health care resources while attending Northwestern.
  • AccessibleNU has an office in Abbott Hall on the Chicago Campus with staff to support the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Learn about services provided by the Center for Awareness, Response and Education (CARE) to support students impacted by sexual violence, relationship violence or stalking, including friends or partners of survivors.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is the primary mental health service at Northwestern University with offices on both the Evanston and Chicago campuses.
  • Health Promotion and Wellness is the primary provider of health promotion, education, and prevention programs and services on alcohol, other drug, and wellness issues for Northwestern University students. 
  • Check out the Fee Schedule to get an overview of how fees for a patient visit work for students using Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service Chicago.
  • There are Financial Assistance resources for students using the Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service on the Chicago Campus.
  • The resources in Health Care Cost Transparency Initiative explain key steps Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service has taken to address health care costs of Northwestern students.
  • Medical Records has information on how to have your medical records transferred after finishing your program.
  • Student Immunization Form Requests explains the process to have forms completed to verify your immunization status for an away rotation or other program.
  • The Student Health Insurance office has resources on all aspects of health insurance for students attending Northwestern.