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Student Health Advisory Committee

The Chicago Campus Student Health Advisory Committee (CCSHAC) consists of student representatives from each Chicago Campus school (Graduate School, Law School, Medical School, and PA program) who meet twice yearly to present student feedback and advocate on behalf of students. 

We invite feedback from your experiences with Chicago Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service. Please email your CCSHAC representative with questions or concerns you would like the committee to address at the meetings. You can find your representative by contacting your dean of students or consult the list of student members that follows:

List of student members of the Chicago Campus Student Health Advisory Committee
2020/21 Student Representatives of CCSHAC - Degree Program Email
Grace Bellinger - NUIN
Nicole Brown (JD)
Erin Valentine Boulger (MD)
Heather Cigas (PT)
Ariel Dotts (DGP)
Yiting Du (PT)
Peng Fan (PT) 
Yuwei Jian (PT)
Jashan Kashyap (JD)
Esther Liu (DGP)
Tomide Owolabi (JD)
Alice Premingar (JD)
Ashley Young (MD)
Nina Zhou (MD)


Alternatively, you can email  which will be reviewed by a Northwestern University Student Health Service representative.