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Affirming Care

Hormone Therapy

HRT prescription maintenance and beginning HRT prescriptions are available for students by appointment at University Health Services. To schedule an appointment on the Evanston Campus, use the online Northwestern Medicine portal or call (847) 491-8100 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ari Epstein. Please ask NM SHS for more information about HRT types and costs based on your insurance plan. On the Chicago Campus, you must call (312) 695-8134  schedule an appointment and let them know you are a Northwestern student. Northwestern's Chicago Student Health Services providers have all named that they are able to provide HRT support. All students are able to visit the Chicago SHS.


Identity-Affirming Surgical Options

If you are considering surgery for your transition, you can meet with NM Student Health Services to get connected to the NM Gender Pathways Program. Students should share their medical goals with their provider during a visit to Northwestern Medicine Student Health Services (Chicago or Evanston). Once in the NM system, reach out to Joey Harmon ( for assistance in connecting with the Gender Pathways Program. If you are considering any sort of surgery, be sure to inform the Student Assistance Support Services to explore setting up medical leave or emergency medical leave prior to any surgery.

Legal Support

Name change legal support is provided regularly through the Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois. If you are looking for name change resources, gender change resources, or legal support consider visiting TJLP's website!

Other Trans Affirming Resources

Transcare Website

Fenway Health Trans Health Program and Gender Affirming Health

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