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Dashboard & Data

The University has many data sets that inform decision making and support services across units and schools. While most data sets are private to honor participant confidentiality, a few survey's are able to be shared as we begin to tell the richer Northwestern story. Below you will find Gender and Sexual Orientation tends based on a random sampling of Northwestern undergraduate students from the Multi-Instituional Student of Leadership conducted between Feb-March of 2021 through Student Affairs Assessment and Planning.

 Sexual Orientation Trends

The Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership creates comparison groups based on college/university characteristics, including regional groupings.  Big Ten schools which may end up in the  comparison group if they participate in a given survey year are the following: Indiana University Bloomington, Ohio State University, University of Iowa, University of Maryland– College Park, Pennsylvania State University, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, University of Michigan, Rutgers University–  New Brunswick, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Michigan State University, University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign, Northwestern University, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin–Madison


Gender Trends

 This first image is trends overall. The second graph takes a deeper dive in all data captured from individuals that did not exclusively identify as "Man" or "Woman."


Trends across NU Schools