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Name/Gender and Personal Info

Your student file is centrally managed through the Office of the Registrar. To update your name legally, socially, update your gender, or update your pronouns please follow the instruction on the Registrar's website

Systems update their data from the university's registrar irregularly. As a result updates through NU validate might update in some systems faster than others. It is always encouraged to have a conversation with those you are community with (PA's, RA's, professors, supervisors, TA's) about a change if you want it honored, since the rosters they have access to might not always be up-to-date. 

Please note that while you can update your email alias through NU validate, previous versions of your email will still work and you may still receive emails with your deadname listed from people and offices that emailed you before the name change.


What about my Wildcard?

According to the Wildcard Office's Frequently Asked Questions: "Upon request the Wildcard Office will issue a Wildcard with a chosen name/display name. Please bring the card you were initially issued to exchange for a new card in order to avoid a replacement fee." This request must be made in-person. Sometime wildcard office staff are new or don't remember this policy. If you face issues with the Wildcard office, get the name of the person that helping you at the service counter, and email the Wildcard office and CC  so that we can support in helping find resolution.

Former student

The name under which you were enrolled must remain on your transcript, unless you re-enroll. Your official name at the time you left will always appear on your transcript. 

Legal Name and Gender Change Resources

Legal name change rules vary by where you reside. If you have lived in Illinois for 6 months, you can submit a legal name change through the State of Illinois.