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To enter Commencement or School Convocations, all guests must have an e-ticket displayed on a device.


The ticketing portal will be open Monday, February 27 – Tuesday, May 23.

How to Order

Graduates will be invited to 2 ceremonies:  the school convocation (where graduates will be individually recognized and hear their name read) and the University-wide Commencement ceremony (a ceremony with the Commencement speaker, addresses by President Schill and student speakers). Because these are separate events they each require their own set of tickets.

Some graduate programs do not participate in the school convocations and have departmental ceremonies instead. Your program will communicate with you if this is the case.

Tickets can only be ordered by students with a special code, which will sent via their NU email on February 27. Tickets will be delivered to your NU email on June 1.

Students can order up to 10 tickets per ceremony (except for the J.L. Kellogg School of Management Convocation, where capacity limits each student to 4 tickets for their convocation).

Seating Accommodations

All tickets are general admission except Wheelchair and Mobility Access Seating. These seats should be reserved when the ticketing order is placed.

Wheel Chair Seating

Wheelchair seating is intended for guests who will require a wheelchair. All venues have specific accessible seating locations.

Mobility Access Seating

Mobility Access seating is intended for guests who need shorter distances and limited staircases, but do not need a wheelchair for mobility. In some venues, this limited mobility seating is the same section as the wheelchair seating.


One companion may join the guest in the reserved section for wheelchair or mobility access seating, but will enter on their general admission ticket. Because these spaces are limited and in high demand we are not able to seat entire parties together in Wheelchair or Mobility Access seating.

How to Calculate Your Ticket Needs

Additional Ticket Information

Ordering Additional Tickets

We know that plans sometimes change and you may need additional tickets or a different kind of tickets for a guest with mobility issues. Below are ticketing scenarios that you may have and instructions on how to address them. If you have additional ticketing questions please email the Graduation office 

How Many Tickets Do I Get?

The number of tickets you have ordered determines how many additional tickets you can order. 

For Commencement, all graduates can order up to 10 tickets.

For School Convocations, undergraduates can order up to 10 tickets and master's and PhD students can order up to 10 tickets (except Kellogg). 

All Kellogg degrees can order up to 4 tickets for the Kellogg Convocation.

How to Order Additional Tickets After Completing Your Order

If you have already ordered some tickets for a ceremony (fewer than 10) and need to order additional tickets (not to exceed 10): 

How To Change a Ticket for a Guest with Mobility Issues


Please contact the Graduation Office for any questions you may have.