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Graduation 2021

Full Commencement Video


Keynote Address | Gwynne Shotwell


2021 Commencement Program


View or Download the 2021 Commencement Program

2021 Commencement Alternate Student Speaker Lucy Weidner

2021 Baccalaureate

Northwestern University Baccalaureate 2021 from NU Religious & Spiritual Life on Vimeo.

2021 Honorary Degree Recipients

Each year, Northwestern awards Honorary Degrees to a select group of individuals of exceptional accomplishment. Past recipients include exemplary scholars, artists, actors, writers, musicians, politicians, and social leaders. Learn more about the selection process and how to submit a nomination.

Gwynne Shotwell Presented by Kevin Lynch

Tarana J. Burke Presented by Sally Nuamah

George RR Martin Presented by Roger Boye

Helen H. Hobbs Presented by Susan Quaggin


Distinguished Secondary School Teacher Award Recipients

In the fall, President Morton Schapiro asks the graduating seniors to nominate teachers who have had a transforming impact on students. A selection committee chaired by Eugene Lowe, Assistant to the President and Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, with support from the Associated Student Government, reviews the nominations and requests teaching portfolios from nominated teachers for finalist consideration.

A small group of finalists are interviewed and the committee recommends five outstanding teachers to President Schapiro for this recognition.

Click here for more information about the Distinguished Secondary School Teacher Award.

Carrie Marcantonio Nominated by Student Emanuella Kiden Evans 2021 Distinguished Secondary School Teacher Award Recipient

Emanuella Kiden Evans

Student Nominator of Carrie Marcantonio

Seth Brady Nominated by Student Mahie Gopalka 2021 Distinguished Secondary School Teacher Award Recipient

Mahie Gopalka

Student Nominator of Seth Brady

Monica Rowley Nominated by Student Chloe Wong 2021 Distinguished Secondary School Teacher Award Recipient

Chloe Wong

Student Nominator of Monica Rowley

Mark Vondracek Nominated by Student Noah DeMar 2021 Distinguished Secondary School Teacher Award Recipient

Noah DeMar

Student Nominator of Mark Vondracek

Jeff Solin Nominated by Student Lazar Gueorguiev 2021 Distinguished Secondary School Teacher Award Recipient

Lazar Gueorguiev

Student Nominator of Jeff Solin

2021 Emeritus Faculty

 Faculty Emeritus are recognized upon their retirement from full-time service on the Northwestern University Faculty.

You can view or download a PDF of this presentation here. (PDF)

Feinberg School of Medicine

  • Michael J. Avram, Associate Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology; 41 years of service
  • Dorothy Dunlop, Professor Emerita of Medicine; 29 years of service
  • Michael Fleming, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; 11 years of service
  • Elizabeth Hahn, Associate Professor Emerita of Medical Social Sciences; 19 years of service
  • Philip Iannaccone, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics; 41 years of service
  • Charles David James, Jean Malnati Miller Professor Emeritus in Brain Tumor Research and Professor Emeritus of Neurological Surgery; 6 years of service
  • Antoun Koht, Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology; 26 years of service
  • Lewis Landsberg, Irving S. Cutter Chair of Medicine Emeritus; 30 years of service
  • Robert M. Lavker, Graffin, M.D.,Jack W., Research Professor Emeritus of Dermatology; 19 years of service
  • Jonathan Leis, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Immunology; 22 years of service
  • Richard J. Miller, Alfred Newton Richards Chair Emeritus in Pharmacology; 20 years of service
  • Elfriede Pahl, Professor Emerita of Pediatrics; 29 years of service
  • Stuart Rich, Professor Emeritus of Medicine; 6 years of service
  • June Robinson, Professor Emerita of Dermatology; 35 years of service
  • Michael Rosenberg, Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology; 37 years of service
  • Stanford Shulman, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics; 41 years of service
  • Maureen Smith, Associate Professor Emerita of Medicine; 15 years of service
  • M. Christine Stock, James E. Eckenhoff Chair Emerita of Anesthesiology; 19 years of service
  • Robert R. Tanz, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics; 40 years of service

Kellogg School of Management

  •  Paul Hirsch, Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations; 32 years of service

McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Stephen H. Carr, Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering; 51 years of service
  • RPH Chang, Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering; 35 years of service
  • Walter B. Herbst, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering; 24 years of service
  • Horace Pak-Hong Yuen, Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering; 41 years of service
  • Joseph Schofer, Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering; 51 years of service
  • Bruce Wessels, Walter P Murphy Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering; 43 years of service

Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Jack Doppelt, Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-thani Chair Emeritus in Journalism; 36 years of service

Pritzker School of Law

  • Leigh Bienen, Senior Lecturer Emerita of Law 26 years of service
  • Charlotte Crane, Professor Emerita of Law; 40 years of service
  • Joyce Hughes, Professor Emerita of Law; 46 years of service

School of Communication

  • Laura Kipnis, Professor Emerita of Radio/Television/Film; 30 years of service
  • Charles Larson, Professor Emeritus of Communication Sciences and Disorders; 40 years of service
  • Dawn Mora, Senior Lecturer Emerita of Theatre; 38 years of service
  • Irving Rein, Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies; 52 years of service
  • Ann Woodworth, Associate Professor Emerita of Theatre; 40 years of service

School of Education and Social Policy;

  • P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Frances Willard Professor Emerita of Human Development and Social Policy; 22 years of service

University Libraries

  • Harriet Lightman, Librarian Emerita; 24 years of service
  • Janet Olson, Librarian Emerita, Distinctive Collections; 21 years of service
  • Roxanne Sellberg, Associate University Librarian Emerita; 25 years of service

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

  • Caroline Bledsoe, Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Melville J. Herskovits Professor Emerita of African Studies; 36 years of service
  • Micaela di Leonardo, Professor Emerita of Anthropology; 30 years of service
  • Stephen F. Eisenman, Professor Emeritus of Art History; 23 years of service
  • Rick Gaber, Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biosciences; 35 years of service
  • John Hagan, John D. MacArthur Professor Emeritus of Sociology; 22 years of service
  • Richard Kieckhefer, Sarah Rebecca Roland Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies; 46 years of service
  • Susan Mineka, Professor Emerita of Psychology; 33 years of service
  • Carl Petry, Professor Emeritus of History and Hamad Bin Khalifi Al-thani Chair Emeritus in Middle East Studies; 47 years of service
  • Mark A. Segraves, Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology; 33 years of service
  • Hendrik Spruyt, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Norman Dwight Harris Chair Emeritus in International Relations; 18 years of service
  • Susan Thistle, Associate Professor of Instruction Emerita of Sociology; 23 years of service
  • Tai Te Wu, Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biosciences; 51 years of service