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How To Order

Please note, regalia ordering information will be provided in the Winter Quarter 2025.

Bachelor’s Degree Candidates

More information to come in the Winter Quarter 2025.

Master’s Degree Candidates

More information to come in the Winter Quarter 2025.

Doctoral Degree Candidates

ALL doctoral regalia is rental regalia, unless you specifically purchase FINE QUALITY regalia.  

Rental information to come in the Winter Quarter 2025.

I want to purchase my FINE QUALITY regalia to be shipped to my residence.  


*Please note: Orders take up to 8 weeks for delivery.

About Your Regalia

Purple “souvenir regalia” is custom designed for Northwestern featuring the University crest. The standard regalia must be worn by all participating candidates.  

Bachelor’s degree regalia includes a souvenir stole. Advanced degree candidates wear hoods. The lining of the Northwestern hood is purple and gold, and the color of the velvet border of the hood indicates the academic area.  

Tassel and Hood Colors 
How to Care for your Regalia 

When you receive your gown, remove it from its packaging and place it on a hanger to allow any folds or wrinkles to fall out. If an iron is needed, turn the gown inside out and use a warm (NOT HOT) iron. Steaming is also an option. 

How to Wear Your Regalia

Bachelors Cap and Gown

Masters Cap and Gown

Doctoral Cap and Gown

Regalia Guidelines 

Honor Cords and Stoles Guidelines 

Degree candidates may wear honors cords that have been awarded by their schools or other campus organizations. School/organizations determine guidelines and distribution. Please note that Latin honors are not awarded until after Graduation Weekend so there are no honors cords at graduation for Latin honors. 

Bachelor’s students may wear affinity stoles if desired. 

College/School Honor Cord 

College/School honor cords may be awarded to undergraduate and graduate degree candidates for honors awarded by their respective school or college. 

Membership, Leadership & Service Honor Cords, Stoles & Pins 

These honor cords, stoles, and pins may be worn to designate membership, achievement, leadership or service. Please check with your respective student organization or campus department for honor cord, stole, and pin guidelines and distribution. 

Guidelines for Receiving Honor Cords 

Eligible students who receive membership, leadership and service honor cords, stoles, and pins will receive their honor cords, stoles and pins from the respective department or organization awarding the honor. The Office of Graduation & Senior Year Experiences does not distribute honor cords, identity or affinity stoles, and/or pins. Please note that final grades are not yet conferred by the day of Commencement or in time for convocations, so a majority of ceremonies will not include honors recognition. 

Additional Regalia Information 

Financial Aid 

Still Have Questions?

Please contact the Graduation Office