Office of the Provost Policies

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Listed below are selected policies and statements that fall under the purview of the Provost's office.

  • Academic Integrity: A central resource of policies governing academic integrity for all students and faculty at Northwestern. Individual school policies further address school-based process.
  • Civility and Safety at Northwestern: Policies and resources relating to campus civility, safety and non-retaliation.
  • Consensual Relations and Sexual Misconduct: Information on policies governing conflicts arising from unequal power relationships and from all forms of sexual misconduct.
  • Faculty Appointments and Teaching: Processes for determining faculty titles and appointments and sponsorship for permanent residence.
  • Faculty Leave and Holidays: Policies related to family leave and religious holidays.
  • Faculty Promotion and Tenure: Procedures relating to faculty promotions, the tenure process, and participation in personnel decisions.
  • New Program Development: Overview of the Provost’s review process for creating new programs and an operational guide to help you enact your program changes once approval has been granted.

For a comprehensive list of University Policies, see the Northwestern University Policies web site.

Northwestern University is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all academic, research, and business activities. The Northwestern University Conflict of Interest (NUCOI) Office oversees and implements the University faculty and staff conflict of interest policies and procedures.