The Alumnae Award for Curriculum Development

The Alumnae of Northwestern University Award for Curriculum Development is intended to support faculty work over the summer to develop innovative course materials, new courses, or new modes of teaching, including online education that will benefit our undergraduate students.

The recipient of each Curriculum Development Award will have the opportunity to address a meeting of the Board of Directors of The Alumnae of Northwestern University. In addition, Provost Linzer will recognize recipients of the Curriculum Awards at the annual luncheon he hosts for all current recipients of awards established by the Alumnae of Northwestern University.


  • Each year up to two awards will be made for proposals designed to enhance the undergraduate curriculum.
  • Faculty eligible for the award include all tenure line faculty and non-tenure line faculty who are expected to be teaching at Northwestern for at least the next two years (to allow for some impact of the new curricular contribution). Non-tenure line faculty should provide a letter from the dean indicating an expectation of a renewed appointment, if necessary.
  • Each award will provide total support in the amount of $12,500.  This includes a faculty stipend of $5,000 and an award to the faculty member’s department of $500. The remaining funds can be applied as needed to support a student assistant, acquire course materials and software, and pay for benefits.
  • The award is not intended to fund regular instructional or administrative salaries, standard faculty leaves, faculty research, except as it relates to undergraduate teaching responsibilities, plant construction, renovation or maintenance.


1) Application letter consisting of (no more than two pages in length):

  • A written description of the nature of the proposed curricular innovation, its relationship to the existing curriculum, and the level and format of the course or courses incorporating the innovation.  (For example, large introductory class, advanced lecture, or small seminar.)
  • If applicable, a description of any prior funding this project has received.  Include an explanation of what was accomplished with said prior funding.

2) Attach the following, as applicable:

  • A statement from the Dean and the Program Director or Department Chair, indicating a willingness to provide teaching support if the project is funded.
  • If a non-tenure line faculty member, a letter from the Dean indicating expectation of a renewed appointment, if necessary.
Submissions for awards for the summer of 2014 are due on February 28, 2014. Applications should be submitted electronically to Celina Flowers ( in the Office of the Provost. Any questions about the process should also be directed to Celina.