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The Arispe Lab

Certified August, 2023

The Arispe Lab's work has focused in elucidating the molecular mechanisms that regulate vascular morphogenesis during development and in disease. The process of getting certified as a Green Lab enabled our team to have discussion about how we can effectively minimize the environmental impacts without compromising the quality and safety of our research. Many of our working practices already fit into the goals set by the program; however, this process enabled us to consider the potential progress we can make towards decreasing negative impact of laboratories on the environment.

We believe everyone has a role to play in reducing greenhouse gases emissions, and we are committed to conducting responsible and sustainable research. Green purchasing, lab cleaning, keeping inventories, recycling and shutting down equipment after use are some of the sustainable practices implemented in our lab. We include information on lab sustainability practices in lab orientation and we will continue to engage with new ideas to advance the cause of sustainability.