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The Arango Lab

Certified October, 2023

We are a diverse group of scientists dedicated to unraveling the post-transcriptional mechanisms of gene expression, especially the process of translation, where proteins are synthesized from the genetic information stored in the DNA code. Our team investigates how chemical modifications of nucleotides, the building blocks of RNA and DNA, affect RNA’s processing, stability, and its ability to produce proteins. We are particularly intrigued by how these mechanisms influence cells’ decisions to grow, divide, die, or transform, especially in challenging conditions like cancer and stress.  

Our commitment extends beyond the laboratory bench. We are devoted to reducing our carbon footprint without compromising the quality and safety of our research. We firmly believe everyone has a role to play in reducing net greenhouse gases emissions, and our path lies in practicing responsible and sustainable biomedical research. It is with pride that we share our certification as a “Green Lab”, a testament to our dedication to sustainable development while advancing our understanding of RNA biology.