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Green Home Certification

Get Green Home Certified! This self-guided activity provides Northwestern students, staff, and faculty with meaningful steps and ideas to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle at home. The certification is also a great opportunity to apply the concepts highlighted in Green Office and Green Labs to your living space. Completing this certification will support your efforts to reduce the environmental impact of your home, lessen your contributions to the climate crisis, and deepen your understanding of environmental justice.

The Green Home Certification provides resources and ideas to make your space greener and healthier. The checklist will walk you through the different rooms in your house, providing suggestions of sustainable actions you can incorporate —from your work-from-home office to your soon to be low waste kitchen. Many of these actions will save you money on utilities, brighten your physical space, and set up your home to foster positive well-being.  


Download our Green Home Certification checklist. Tackle these changes with your partner, kids, roommates, or on your own! After you have explored the resources and completed it to the best of your ability, please complete the Green Home Certification survey!  There are no required number of practices to receive certification but we encourage you to continue to think about ways you can incorporate sustainability into your home and activities. Once the survey is completed, you will receive the Green Home certificate.

Share your experiences and photos of your sustainable changes on social media with #NUGreenHome and tag @sustainNU to be featured!