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Policies and Guidelines

The Built Environment

Energy Conservation Policy

This policy establishes the framework for acceptable protocols, practices, and operational standards with regards to energy conservation practices within Northwestern University facilities.

Green Cleaning Policy

This policy is intended to assist the University community, contractors and suppliers in accounting for the environmental impact associated with the lifecycle of cleaning supplies to help minimize adverse social and environmental effects related to the production, transportation, use and disposal of cleaning materials.


Bicycle Policy

The Northwestern Bicycle Policy provides guidelines on bike registration, bike parking, management of abandoned bikes, and retrieval of bikes that have been removed due to having been illegally parked or abandoned.

Electric Vehicle Charging Policy

The purpose of this policy is to promote efficient charging behavior on campus so that all electric vehicle (and plug-in hybrid) drivers are able to utilize the electric vehicle charging stations on campus to their fullest extent.

Resource Conservation

Sustainable Waste Management Policy

This policy applies to the management of various types of generated solid and liquid wastes.

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste

Construction, demolition, renovation, and remodeling projects that take place at the University are required to divert a minimum of 75% of C&D debris (measured in tons) from disposal in landfills. This policy outlines the process for managing construction and demolition waste.