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Green Houses and Apartments

When looking for a new apartment or house, here are a couple questions to ask landlords to determine your new home's green features.

Save water

  • Does the shower have a low-flow showerhead? If not, can one be installed?
  • Is the toilet a low flow toilet?
  • Are any of the faucets or pipes leaking? If so, how fast is the repair time?

Conserve energy

  • Do the windows, doors, and walls provide good insulation? Are there any cracks?
  • Do the windows have curtains or shades to provide extra insulation during the winter? If not, can they be installed?
  • Is there good natural lighting in the unit?
  • Do the lights have CFL or LED light bulbs? If not, can they be installed?
  • Can the heat be controlled in individual units?
  • Is there a programmable thermostat in the unit?
  • Do the washing machines offer cold-water washing?
  • Is there a place to hang clothes while they air dry?
  • Is the hot water heater insulated?
  • Are the kitchen appliances efficient? Are they ENERGY STAR® certified?

Reduce waste

  • Does the building offer recycling?
  • What can/cannot be recycled?
  • Can composting be done on the premises?

Travel sustainably

  • Is there a bike room or rack?
  • Is the building near public transportation options (bus stop, CTA stop)? The Northwestern shuttle? A car sharing service?

Purchase consciously

  • How close is the building to grocery stores? To locally-sourced produce?