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Northwestern's First Green Labs Certified Lab!

Green Labs Logo - a test tube with a leaf inside.

sustainNU is excited to highlight the first lab to complete our new Green Labs Certification: the Goyal Lab, led by Dr. Yogesh Goyal. The Goyal lab researches the single-cell biology of development and disease, jointly with the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology and the Center for Synthetic Biology. Read on to learn more about the Goyal Lab and their commitment to sustainability. If you are interested in becoming Green Labs Certified, you can learn more here. 

From the Goyal Lab Green Team: 

As a new lab, we set many scientific and social norms in our first year. Many of our practices are lab community focused: group lunches, social outings, shared reagents, attentive mentorship. In building a considerate and efficient lab ethos, we naturally incorporated practices that are environmentally sustainable. Being a good lab citizen for us includes inherently sustainable practices such as asking for help, borrowing instead of buying, cleaning, and keeping inventories, and shutting down equipment after use. We consider sustainability an important aspect of our community identity and our long-term success as a lab. Applying for Green Labs Certification was the perfect way for us to acknowledge the good work we've already accomplished towards establishing a sustainable community and commit to maintaining our high standards for years to come. We will continue to engage with new ideas to further our sustainable practices in the lab and look forward to helping other labs recognize and celebrate their sustainable practices. 

8 members of the Goyal Lab in an apple orchard.