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Recycle more. Waste less. sustainNU.

RecycleManiaWe recycle 30 percent of the waste generated on campus, but we can do more. Northwestern is participating in RecycleMania, a national competition designed to encourage schools to promote recycling and waste reduction on their campuses. Participating schools report recycling and waste generated from February 2 - March 29, with rankings announced in early April.

However, NU’s participation in Recyclemania isn’t purely for competition. NU has been recycling since 1989. “We’re using the competition to raise awareness and encourage better recycling habits,” stated Manager of Sustainability Programs, Julie Cahillane. “We don’t want people to recycle just during the competition; we want to encourage waste reduction and recycling as part of daily routines.”

In order to raise awareness, recycling ads have been placed on shuttle buses, the TVs in Norris, Henry Crown Sports Pavilion (SPAC), Technological Institute, Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center, Schaffner Library, the residence halls, Wieboldt Hall on Chicago campus, and table tents in Norris and the dining halls. Keep an eye out for them and help us get to a 50 percent recycling rate! Contact sustainNU if you need more recycling bins or have questions.