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Purchasing responsibly at NU

Purchasing responsiblyEver wonder what factors are considered when purchasing the library’s printer paper? Purchasing Resource Services (PRS) works through a series of steps to locate and select the most suitable vendors for NU to partner with for goods and services needed by departments and schools. In fact, they have created an infrastructure that makes it easy for all departments to purchase environmentally responsible products and services. 

Thanks to the PRS Preferred Vendors Matrix, choosing a green supplier is a breeze. There’s a column in the matrix, denoted by a green leaf, which indicates that a company has committed to sustainable practices. To avoid green washing, PRS make sure that the companies listed are honest and transparent about their practices by researching and screening their marketing materials.

These green initiatives include employing green manufacturing practices, offering items that contain recycled content, and shipping products using reusable containers. If you would like to learn more about a specific company, links to their eco-friendly practices are provided. PRS Procurement Analyst, Samantha Kustra, states, “PRS will continue to collaborate with departments and vendors to demonstrate our commitment toward sustainability and promote products and services that have a reduced environmental impact.”

PRS doesn’t just provide access to green suppliers; they also practice sustainability in their office, such as purchasing recycled paper products, using reusable cups, and recycling whenever possible, including their shredded paper and ink cartridges. Their old or broken electronics, such as computers and printers are recycled through NU’s e-waste recycling program. Finally, PRS is also excited for their opportunity to create an even more sustainable workplace by taking on Green Office Certification. The certification helps departments assess their energy, water, and waste reduction habits, as well as increase their awareness of sustainability at NU.

PRS encourages departments to be environmentally conscious and responsible whenever possible and suggests buying recycled and recyclable products, buying in bulk, and purchasing from Preferred Vendors whenever possible.