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Round three: NU Sustainability Fund awards $16,000 to student initiatives

Sustainability FundAfter its third round of funding for the 2013-2014 academic year, the NU Sustainability Fund (NSF) has announced funding for five new projects. So far this year, NSF has awarded more than $40,000 to student-led sustainability initiatives on Northwestern’s campuses.

Norris: Bike Repair Shop
The Norris University Center and the Office of Sustainability have received funds to develop a bicycle repair shop for Northwestern students. The shop will provide a low-cost bike repair service and serve as the focus for cycling activity at NU. The funds will go towards renovations of the space and the purchase of initial inventory. Norris and the Office of Sustainability envision this space facilitating bicycle repair and safety classes and housing a bicycle rental program.

Mayfest: Outdoor Mobile Water Station 
NSF will be funding an outdoor water bottle refilling station during Dillo Day provided by the City of Evanston. The station will help reduce the consumption of plastic water bottles on Dillo Day. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles to Dillo Day.

MeterGenius: Electricity Consumption Tracking
MeterGenius is a recent NU startup that has developed a web-based platform providing tools and incentives for homeowners to save money on their electricity bill. NSF and the Illinois Clean Energy Student Challenge are pleased to provide this project with funds to further its development and to demonstrate their technology to NU students.

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) Clean Energy Project (CEP): Energy Monitor
NSF provided funding to CEP to install an interactive sustainability display in the front entrance of Norris. The screen will display data about energy use on NU’s campus, including wind speed data from the anemometer on Norris’s roof and a calendar of upcoming events related to sustainability and energy.

Sodexo: Reusable Thermoses
With NSF funding, Sodexo will provide 300 students with reusable thermoses for hot beverages at Lisa’s Café and the Plaza Café. The thermoses will help reduce waste from coffee and tea purchases at retail locations. The café’s will also advertise the discount available for using a thermos.