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Norris houses new recycling effort

Norris RecyclingWhen you go shopping, how do you usually bring your products home? Although there has been a rise in reusable totes, many of us still resort to plastic bags. Estimates suggest that NU students are responsible for disposing of more than 800 pounds of plastic bags each year. Not to fear, the Associated Student Government Sustainability Committee (ASG SusCom) and Eco-Reps have revived an initiative to recycle plastic bags on NU’s campus.

Every Eco-Rep has set up a collection site for plastic bags in their residence hall or college. The Eco-Rep transfers the plastic bags to the recycling hub located on the ground floor of Norris to the left of the elevators. ASG SusCom takes these plastic bags to Whole Foods to be recycled during the academic year.

Remember to bring your stash of plastic bags with you next time you go to Norris; or, better yet, don't use plastic bags!