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Making the run for a recycling touchdown

EPA Game DaySince 2010, NU has competed in the EPA Game Day Challenge, a national competition among colleges and universities to promote waste reduction at football games. On Saturday, November 8, at the NU vs. Michigan game, the Office of Sustainability and sustainNU crew volunteers promoted recycling to Wildcat and Wolverine fans.

sustainNU volunteers encouraged recycling at the tailgating sites and in the stadium by educating fans and collecting recyclables to keep them out of the landfill. In partnership with Athletics, NU Wildcat Marching Band, and Advanced Disposal, recycling announcements were made during the game, the band created a recycling symbol formation during halftime, and Advanced Disposal donated the sustainNU volunteer t-shirts.

More than 10,266 pounds of waste was recycled, equating to a 49 percent diversion rate. This number has been reported to the EPA, who will then rank Northwestern among the 85 colleges and universities who are participating in the challenge. The EPA ranks the schools based on five categories: waste minimization, diversion (combined recycling and composting) rate, greenhouse gas reduction, recycling rate, and organics reduction. Rankings will be announced at the end of the football season, stay tuned!